2012 Alabama State Colleges Tuition

91 colleges - 42 public and 49 private schools - and universities are located in Alabama states, USA. 69 schools have certificate program course and 45 schools offer BS degree. For graduate schools, 29 schools have Master's program and 13 schools have doctorate program.

Next tables shows the average tuition costs of Alabama Colleges in 2012.

2012 Alabama State Tuition Summary Table
TuitionFeesBook & SuppliesLiving CostsTuitionFeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Undergraduate$ 8,982$ 793$ 1,250$ 9,510$ 11,446$ 793$ 1,250$ 9,510
Graduate$ 9,080$ 793$ 1,250$ 9,510$ 13,151$ 793$ 1,250$ 9,510

Comprehensive information and comparison between Alabama Colleges can be found at:
Alabama State Tuition Analysis Page,
Alabama State College List,
and Summary Table for comparing tuition and financial aids of Alabama Colleges.
You can search and find your right colleges by setting various options on upper pages.

Graphic chart for upper summary table is below. You can see various comparing charts when visiting the pages.
2012 Alabama State College Tuition
2012 Alabama State Colleges Tuition

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