2013 Ivy League Tuition Comparison

The Ivy League is used to refer to eight schools as a group. The eight schools are are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. The schools are all private institutions and located in Northeastern US.

The reason that the Ivy League becomes famous is connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism.

We analyze 2013 tuition of the eight member of Ivy League. It may be helpful to who wants to be a member of one of members of the Ivy League.

Institution Characteristic Comparison

LocationSchool TypeDegree OfferCampus SettingCompus HousingDistance Learning
Princeton UniversityPrinceton, NJPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighBS, MS, OtherSub-urban - Large YesNo
Yale UniversityNew Haven, CTPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighBS, Post BS, MS, Post MS, OtherCity - Midsize YesYes
Brown UniversityProvidence, RIPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighBS, Post BS, MS, OtherCity - Midsize YesNo
Columbia University in the City of New YorkNew York, NYPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighBS, Post BS, MS, Post MS, OtherCity - Large YesYes
Cornell UniversityIthaca, NYPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighBS, MS, OtherCity - Small YesNo
Dartmouth CollegeHanover, NHPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighBS, MS, OtherTown - RemoteYesNo
Harvard UniversityCambridge, MAPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or HighAS, BS, Post BS, MS, Post MS, OtherCity - Midsize YesNo
University of PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia, PAPrivate (not-for-profit), 4-year or High1 Year Cert, 2 Year Cert, AS, 4 Year Cert, BS, Post BS, MS, Post MS, OtherCity - Large YesYes

Following chart and table show the tuition comparison data between Ivy League members. You can see full detail of comparison here - Ivy League Tuition Comparison. Also, summary of Ivy League tuition comparison is available.

2013 Ivy League Colleges Tuition Comparison Chart

2013 Ivy League Tuition Comparison Table

2013 Ivy League Tuition Comparison
TuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Brown University$ 42,808$ 950$ 1,360$ 13,022
Columbia University in the City of New York$ 45,028$ 2,218$ 1,040$ 13,254
Cornell University$ 44,185$ 228$ 820$ 15,358
Dartmouth College$ 43,782$ 1,260$ 1,980$ 14,376
Harvard University$ 37,576$ 3,290$ 1,000$ 15,184
Princeton University$ 38,650$ 887$ 1,200$ 14,043
University of Pennsylvania$ 39,088$ 4,650$ 1,210$ 14,652
Yale University$ 42,300$ 0$ 3,300$ 13,720

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