6 Campuses of University Of Pittsburgh Tuition Comparison

University of Pittsburgh is a recognized school found February 28, 1787.  The school is 4-year public school and highly rated overall student services as well as in academic ranking. In fact, the University of Pittsburgh located in west side of the state is  one of 3 major public schools in Pennsylvania with Pennsylvania State University (middle) and University of Pennsylvania (east).

University of Pittsburgh have 5 campuses through Pennsylvania state and 1 nursing school at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) located in Pittsburgh, PA. Here we compare tuition and living costs between 6 campuses. We note that the nursing school at UPMC has different tuition policy because the school is a private school unlike other campuses.

In addition, you can see all statistics and comparison between University of Pittsburgh Campuses at University of Pittsburgh Statistics page.

General Information

RankingNameType & LevelLocationHighest Degree Campus HousingPopulationCampus Setting
1Pittsburgh (main) Campus4 years, PublicPittsburgh, Pennsylvania DoctorateYes 33,082Large(City)
2Bradford4 years, PublicBradford, Pennsylvania BachelorYes 1,821Remote(Town)
3Greensburg4 years, PublicGreensburg, Pennsylvania BachelorYes 2,008Large(Suburb)
4Johnstown4 years, PublicJohnstown, Pennsylvania BachelorYes 3,149Small(Suburb)
5Titusville2-4 years, PublicTitusville, Pennsylvania AssociateYes 566Remote(Town)
6Shadyside School of Nursing2-4 years, PrivatePittsburgh, Pennsylvania CertificateNo 451Large(City)

Cathedral of Learning - Famous Building on University of Pittsburgh  Main Campus (Pittsburgh, PA)

Tuition and Living Cost Comparison
Generally says, tuition cost of the University of Pittsburgh is not low. Last year, average in-state tuition of public schools over the US is around $5,000 and out-of-state is around $10,000. The tuition of the schools is more over 2 times than average. In special, main campus of the University of Pittsburgh has high tuition considering it is a public school.

University of Pittsburgh Tuition Comparison
TuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving CostsTuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Pittsburgh (main) Campus$ 15,272$ 860$ 1,110$ 12,490$ 24,680$ 860$ 1,110$ 12,490
Bradford$ 11,736$ 760$ 1,110$ 10,864$ 21,928$ 760$ 1,110$ 10,864
Greensburg$ 11,736$ 890$ 1,110$ 11,470$ 21,928$ 890$ 1,110$ 11,470
Johnstown$ 11,736$ 792$ 1,110$ 11,114$ 21,928$ 792$ 1,110$ 11,114
Titusville$ 10,338$ 780$ 1,110$ 11,982$ 19,528$ 780$ 1,110$ 11,982
University of Pittsburgh Shadyside School of Nursing$ 16,368$ 0$ 1,000$ 0$ 16,368$ 0$ 1,000$ 0

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