Top 10 Management Information Systems (MIS) Colleges Tuition Comparison

A Management Information System (MIS), a specialization of MBA, gives the business managers the information that they need to make decisions. Early business computers were used for simple operations such as tracking inventory, billing, sales, or payroll data, with little detail or structure. Over time, these computer applications became more complex, hardware storage capacities grew, and technologies improved for connecting previously isolated applications. As more data was stored and linked, managers sought greater abstraction as well as greater detail with the aim of creating significant management reports from the raw, stored data.

Originally, the term "MIS" described applications providing managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise. Over time, the term broadened to include: decision support systems, resource management and human resource management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), project management and database retrieval applications.
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Not few number of schools among MBA colleges offer MIS course and here introduce top 10 MIS colleges. The ranking announced by US News Education Department.

TOP 10 MIS College Overview
MIT is positioned top of the list (MIT ranked #4 for MBA ranking) and CMU followed up (CMU is not in the TOP 10 MBA). Since both two  are top ranked schools in information sciences, it seems reasonable those schools are top ranked in MIS.

Top 10 Management Information Systems Colleges Overview
RankNameType & LevelLocation PopulationCampus Setting
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology4 years, PrivateCambridge, Massachusetts 11,271Midsize(City)
2Carnegie Mellon University4 years, PrivatePittsburgh, Pennsylvania 12,175Large(City)
3The University of Texas at Austin4 years, PublicAustin, Texas 55,620Large(City)
4University of Arizona4 years, PublicTucson, Arizona 42,779Large(City)
4University of Minnesota-Twin Cities4 years, PublicMinneapolis, Minnesota 64,349Large(City)
6University of Pennsylvania4 years, PrivatePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 28,453Large(City)
7University of Maryland-College Park4 years, PublicCollege Park, Maryland 43,316Large(Suburb)
8Georgia State University4 years, PublicAtlanta, Georgia 37,712Large(City)
8Stanford University4 years, PrivateStanford, California 22,026Large(Suburb)
10New York University4 years, PrivateNew York, New York 50,444Large(City)

Top 10 MIS Colleges Tuition Comparison
4 public and 6 private schools in the top 10 list. As you know, public colleges offer in-state tuition rates to the state residences. In general, public school tuition is cheaper than private school. Next tables shows tuition (in-state, out-of-state) and living costs(on-campus, off-campus) of each schools.
Top 10 Management Information Systems Tuition and Living Costs Comparison
RankingSchool NameTuitionFeesBooks & Supplies Living Costs
In-StateOut-of-State On CampusOff Campus
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology$ 41,770$ 41,770$ 280$ 1,000$ 13,960N/A
2 Carnegie Mellon University$ 44,880$ 44,880$ 880$ 1,000$ 12,950N/A
3 The University of Texas at Austin$ 9,790$ 33,128N/A$ 904$ 14,698$ 14,698
4 University of Arizona$ 9,114$ 25,310$ 921$ 1,000$ 13,694$ 18,760
4 University of Minnesota-Twin Cities$ 12,060$ 17,310$ 1,399$ 1,000$ 10,606$ 10,606
6 University of Pennsylvania$ 39,088$ 39,088$ 4,650$ 1,210$ 14,652N/A
7 University of Maryland-College Park$ 7,175$ 25,554$ 1,733$ 1,130$ 13,308$ 16,268
8 Georgia State University$ 6,029$ 20,596$ 2,128$ 1,000$ 13,930$ 13,265
8 Stanford University$ 41,250$ 41,250$ 975$ 1,500$ 15,121N/A
10 New York University$ 40,878$ 40,878$ 2,326$ 1,070$ 17,133$ 17,133
Average$ 25,203$ 32,976$ 1,699$ 1,081$ 14,005$ 15,122

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