Top 10 Online BS Programs Tuition Comparison

Online class or colleges is unfamiliar to us nowadays. Many colleges are offering online degrees in various field. Online degree is very attractive choice to whom he/she wants to save time and get a degree. In special, people who have a job enroll into online schools.

USNEWS Department has announced the ranking for best Online BS Programs. According to the ranking, Pace University is on top of the list. Methodology for the ranking is found at Methodology: Best Online Bachelor's Programs Rankings.

Here, we compare tuition costs between top 10 online BS programs on the list for year 2013. If you want detail tuition information of the school, just follow the link on the college's name. In Addition, deep-level comparison including admission scores, graduation rates, grants, and other important factors can be found at top 10 online BS (Bachelor's) programs comparison.

2013 Top 10 Online BS Colleges Tuition Comparison Table

Next table shows tuition, fees, and other costs for top 10 online BS schools. Daytona State College and Colorado State University are public schools and so they have 2 types of tuition rates - in-state and out-of-state tuition. The out-of-state tuition rates are shown on the table for those two schools. In-state tuition is $3,134 for Daytona State College and $6,875 for Colorado State University. In addition, some $0 cells may mean the value is unknown due to not-reported or unknown data.
2013 Top 10 Online BS Programs Tuition
TuitionRequired FeesBooks & Supplies
Pace University$ 35,320$ 1,294$ 800
Daytona State College $ 12,204$ 237$ 900
St. John's University $ 34,995$ 770$ 1,045
Westfield State University $ 7,327$ 970$ 958
Graceland University $ 22,330$ 350$ 1,000
Lawrence Technological University $ 27,300$ 570$ 1,362
Colorado State University–​Global Campus $ 22,667$ 1,774$ 1,126
Brandman University $ 10,243$ 0$ 0
Bellevue University$ 6,000$ 300$ 1,350
Regent University $ 14,850$ 0 $ 800

2013 Top 10 Online BS Colleges Tuition Comparison Chart

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