Top 12 Lowest Acceptance Ratio Colleges and Tuition Costs

The acceptance ratio means that the percentage of applicants who are accepted  to a degree-granting college or university. The acceptance ratio is often an important factor to evaluate colleges. Usually well-recognized colleges such as Ivy League colleges keep their acceptance ratio as low as possible. The specialized colleges such as art colleges have similar policies.

Next table shows the top 12 colleges which keep their acceptance ratio below 10% in year 2012. Curtis Institute of Music is on the top of the list and Juilliard School is on the second. Most of Ivy league schools are included in the list and Cooper Union and US Naval Academy also keep their acceptance ratio below 10%.

And it is observed that 29 schools including Dartmouth college, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University and UC Berkeley  have the acceptance ratio of 10% - 20%.

Top 12 Lowest Acceptance Ratio Colleges
RankNameAcceptance RatioType & LevelLocationHighest Degree Population
1Curtis Institute of Music3.2%4 years, PrivatePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania Master 163
2The Juilliard School6.0%4 years, PrivateNew York, New York Doctorate 1,013
3Harvard University6.3%4 years, PrivateCambridge, Massachusetts Doctorate 34,342
4Columbia University in the City of New York7.0%4 years, PrivateNew York, New York Doctorate 27,257
5Stanford University7.1%4 years, PrivateStanford, California Doctorate 22,026
6United States Naval Academy7.5%4 years, PublicAnnapolis, Maryland Bachelor 5,885
7Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art7.7%4 years, PrivateNew York, New York Master 1,020
8Yale University7.7%4 years, PrivateNew Haven, Connecticut Doctorate 12,893
9Princeton University8.5%4 years, PrivatePrinceton, New Jersey Doctorate 8,004
10Brown University8.9%4 years, PrivateProvidence, Rhode Island Doctorate 9,276
11College of the Ozarks8.9%4 years, PrivatePoint Lookout, Missouri Bachelor 1,544
12Massachusetts Institute of Technology9.7%4 years, PrivateCambridge, Massachusetts Doctorate 11,271

Next table compares tuition and other costs between those top 12 colleges. We note that Curtis Institute of Music and United States Naval Academy pay for tuition costs for all students. And living costs for some colleges are unknown. Average tuition of the 12 schools is $ 38,097 for both in-state and out-of-state tuition rates.

Top 12 Lowest Acceptance Ratio Colleges Tuition Comparison Summary Table
School NameLocationTuitionFeesBooks & Supplies Living Costs
In-StateOut-of-State On CampusOff Campus
Curtis Institute of MusicPhiladelphia, PA--$ 2,350$ 1,575$ 16,275$ 17,525
The Juilliard SchoolNew York, New York$ 35,140$ 35,140N/A$ 700$ 15,916$ 16,726
Harvard UniversityCambridge, Massachusetts$ 37,576$ 37,576$ 3,290$ 1,000$ 16,084N/A
Columbia University in the City of New YorkNew York, New York$ 45,028$ 45,028$ 2,218$ 1,040$ 13,254N/A
Stanford UniversityStanford, California$ 41,250$ 41,250$ 975$ 1,500$ 15,121N/A
United States Naval AcademyAnnapolis, MD----N/AN/A
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and ArtNew York, New York$ 38,550$ 38,550$ 1,700$ 1,400$ 12,245$ 17,710
Yale UniversityNew Haven, Connecticut$ 42,300$ 42,300N/A$ 3,300$ 13,720N/A
Princeton UniversityPrinceton, New Jersey$ 38,650$ 38,650$ 887$ 1,200$ 14,043N/A
Brown UniversityProvidence, Rhode Island$ 42,808$ 42,808$ 950$ 1,360$ 13,022N/A
College of the OzarksPoint Lookout, Missouri$ 17,900$ 17,900$ 430$ 800$ 8,146$ 10,577
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridge, Massachusetts$ 41,770$ 41,770$ 280$ 1,000$ 13,960N/A
Average$ 38,097$ 38,097$ 1,341$ 1,330$ 13,551$ 15,004

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